How to move WebFlow over to Shopify with Udesly.

The only viable option that I can find to export WebFlow to Shopify is Udesly. I am documenting this mostly for my own memory as I feel this will be a weekly task of mine from now on. I am writing this in real-time as I figure this out for the first time.

Let’s first talk about why I am doing this. WebFlow is leading the no code movements, meaning no code is required to build websites. I consider myself an expert at HTML and CSS. For the past 16 years, I have taken great pride in the code I…

I just moved out to SF and I am looking for new opportunities. So naturally, I am talking with everyone. I took a brief call with a local recruiter this week and I want to share a part of our conversation that I had with him.

Recruiter: How much were you making at your last fulltime employment?Kennedy: I was making $201,600 for my base at WeWork.
R: So your freelance rate should be about $100/hr.
K: What? No.

2019 is off to a great start — It has been six months since the soft launch.

Going forward I will be sharing updates about my financial status monthly. In this post, I will share my financial status for February and a financial overview from the past six months.

February 2019

January was the first month I was able to get caught up on all my bills. A massive success to that was my freelance income. I have been earning substantial pay since December. This month I was able to pay off two credit cards and put enough money aside to cover…

Did you know that there is an alternative currency in the USA?

No? Neither did I, until earlier this month when I was sent a video, watched it, and then decided to go explore the Berkshires to learn more about it.

This method is to help you learn how not to live from paycheck to paycheck. The beautiful part is that it will make you feel more secure and confident. You should only have set this up once and only make minor adjustments to reflect your lifestyle as life goes on.

In order to make this possible you need to know your total monthly expenses and have the ability to save a month’s worth of money, also know as your Aged Money. Keep in mind your Aged Money is different that an Emergency Fund.

Real Life Scenario

As of January 2019 Kennedy’s total expenses…

A few weeks ago I received an email from Discover informing me that they are closing my credit card due to serious delinquencies and my balances being too high on other accounts. Before receiving this email I had no clue that a company could do this. I have never heard or even seen this before.

I don’t blame them as on paper I am at risk individual. I am sure they see the potential that I could rack up the credit card and not pay it.

This credit card was opened with the purpose of a balance transfer of $3,298.00…

We are proud to announce the FiStatus Podcast with your host Kevin Quinn and co-host Kennedy.

The FiStatus Podcast is everything that you should have learned about finances in high school or from your parents but didn’t. We should note that the idea of talking about finances is boring for us too. This is why we are treating the subject more like a game. A game of life where your money is your points.This podcast provides actionable advice from peers and experts every week. The show isn’t about how to create wealth or how to create a budget; instead…

“It sounds crazy, but people are more open to talking about anal sex than money.”

Last night I purchased The Financial Diet: A Total Beginner’s Guide to Getting Good with Money written by Chelsea Fagan and Lauren Ver Hage from The Financial Diet and finished it this morning. Although I was not the intended audience, I still found it valuable. They did a great job of explaining concepts to regular people about finances and life. The illustrations were amazing. As I am living in the VW, I have no extra room and I am giving this book away. I will be picking a random person that has signed up for early access to FiStatus.

Get early access to FiStatus:

Firebug changed my front-end development career, thanks Joe Hewitt for creating it. Before Firebug was around there wasn’t much for debugging your code. I remember years ago working on an e-commerce website and having to print out all the code, on physical paper, so I could like match up all the divs. Keep in mind we were using Notepad ++ back then and there wasn’t really any other good options. One of the tricks that we did was highlighting the elements with wildcards. You also have to remember we didn’t have much for standards back then, shit inline CSS was…

When I purchased by first duplex I did some extensive research on pretty much everything. I made my own research notes so I could remember in the future for any other properties that I buy. I was recently asked by a couple of other rental property owners what paint I used. They found this information valuable, so I thought I should maybe share it with you.

There are a few options you can run with. The cheap solution is to buy whatever is the cheapest paint is that is currently on sale while using a coupon. The simple solution would…


Designer raised on saltwater and gasoline currently living in SF.

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